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The Fort Union Association provides several selections, on both cassette and compact disc, of Native and Euro-American music from the early to late 19th century, as well as contemporary American Indian compositions. The selections include Native flute, drum, and vocal music, early American fiddle music, and songs of the French-Canadian voyageurs.


New! Frontier Favorites: Old-Time Music of the Wild West. CD - $16.00

Ken Burns' Lewis & Clark Original soundtrack CD - $16.00

Various Artists. Lewis & Clark: Sounds of Discovery. CD - $16.95

Fiddlin' Johnny. Aural History. CD - $16.95

Simpson's Folly. Fourteen Miles from Kildonan. CD - $17.95

Simpson's Folly. The Waters of Rupert's Land. Cassette - $10.00 Sale price $8.00

Keith Bear. Earthlodge. CD - $15.00

Daniel Slosberg. Pierre Cruzatte - A Musical Journey Along the Lewis & Clark Trail. CD - $16.50

Lakota Thunder. Veterans' Songs. CD - $15.00