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BOOK LIST (updated 01/01/10)


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Barbour, B. Fort Union and the Upper Missouri Fur Trade. Oklahoma Press, 2001. (hardcover) $24.95, (paperback) $21.95



Barbour, B. Jedediah Smith: No Ordinary Mountain Man. Oklahoma Press, 2009 $26.95


Berry, D. Majority of Scoundrels. Arizona Press, 2006. $22.95

Bettis, M. For Wood and Water. Mahrbet Productions, 2000. $12.95

Buckley, J. William Clark: Frontier Diplomat. University of Oklahoma Press. 2008. 29.95


Carriker, R. Father Peter De Smet: Jesuit of the West. Oklahoma Press, 1995. (paperback) $19.95


Casler, M. (ed.) The original Journals of Charles Larpenteur. The Fur Press, 2007. $50.00



Casler, M. Steamboats of the Fort Union Fur Trade. Fort Union Association, 1999. (hardcover) $24.95, (paperback) $12.95

Chardon, F.A. Chardon's Journal at Fort Clark, 1834-1839. Nebraska Press, 1997. $25.00


Chittenden, H. The American Fur Trade in the Far West, Volume I. Nebraska Press, 1986. $24.95

Chittenden, H. The American Fur Trade in the Far West, Volume II. Nebraska Press, 1986. $24.95

DeVore, S. Beads of the Bison Robe Trade. Friends of Fort Union, 1992. (hardcover) $30.00, (paperback) Sale $5.00, was $15.00


De Voto, B. Across the Wide Missouri. Houghton-Mifflin Co., 1947. $17.95




Fort Union Association. Fur Trade Symposium 2000 Proceedings. Fort Union Association, 2001. $8.95

Friends of Fort Union. Fort Union Fur Trade Symposium Proceedings, Sept. 13-15, 1990. Friends of Fort Union, 1994. $5.50 50% off - Originally $10.95


NEW! Gale, Ryan. Great Northwest Fur Trade: A Material Culture 1763-1850. Track of the Wolf, 2009. $32.00


Gowans, F. Rocky Mountain Rendezvous. Gibbs Smith Publishers, 2005. $17.50

Guthrie, A. B. The Big Sky. Houghton Mifflin, 2002. $14.95

Hafen, L. Brokenhand: Thomas Fitzpatrick. Nebraska Press, 1973. $24.95

Hafen, L. (ed.) French Fur Traders and Voyageurs in the American West. Arthur H. Clark, 1995. (softcover)$29.95

Hafen, L. (ed.) Fur Traders, Trappers, and Mountain Men. Nebraska Press, 1995. $8.95

Hafen, L. (ed.) Mountain Men and Fur Traders of the Far West. Nebraska Press, 1982. $19.95

Hafen, L. (ed.) Trappers of the Far West. Nebraska Press, 1983. $29.95

Hanson, C. The Hawken Rifle: Its Place in History. Fur Press, 1994. $15.50

Hanson, J. Fur Trade Cutlery Sketchbook. Fur Press, 1994. $9.00

Hanson, J. When Skins Were Money: A History of the Fur Trade. Museum of the Fur Trade, 2005. Paperback: $29.95

Hanson, J. & Wilson, K. Buckskinner's Cookbook. Fur Press, 1979. $10.95

Harris, R. John Colter: His Years in the Rockies. Nebraska Press, 1993. $12.95

Heidenreich, V. The Fur Trade in North Dakota. ND State Historical Society, 1990. $8.95

Huck, B. Exploring the Fur Trade Routes of North America. Heartland Associates, 2nd Edition (2002). $29.95




Kelly, C. (ed) On the Upper Missouri: The Journal of Rudolph Friederich Kurz. Oklahoma Press, 2005. $24.95

 Larpenteur, C. Forty Years a Fur Trader on the Upper Missouri. Nebraska Press, 1989. $19.95


Lavender, D. Fist in the Wilderness. Nebraska Press, 1998. $25.00

Letellier, L. Louis Dace Letellier: Adventures on the Upper Missouri. Fort Union Association, 2002. Hardcover $12.95

Madsen, A. John Jacob Astor: America's First Multimillionaire. John Wiley & Sons, 2001. $37.50

Maguire, Wild, & Borsday, eds. A Rendezvous Reader. Utah Press, 1997. $22.95

Matzko, J. Reconstructing Fort Union. Nebraska Press, 2001. $45.00

McPherson, B. & J. The People of the Red River - A Costume Guide. Active History Associates, 2010. $40.00

Minnesota Historical Society. Where Two Worlds Meet. Minnesota Historical Society, 1992. $21.95

Montana Historical Society. Montana - The Magazine of Western History: Deschamps Article. Montana Hist. Soc., Winter 2004. $9.50

Morgan, D. Jedediah Smith and the Opening of the West. Nebraska Press, 1953. $19.95

Museum of the Fur Trade. Museum of the Fur Trade Quarterly, Vol 43, Nos 3 & $, Fall/Winter 2007. $15.00

Myers, J. Saga of Hugh Glass. Nebraska Press, 1963. $15.00

Pfaller, L. Father De Smet in North Dakota. Assumption Abbey Press, 1962. $5.50

Ross, L. Trade Beads from Archaeological Excavations of Fort Union (CD-ROM). Fort Union Association, 2000. $20.00

Russell, C. Firearms, Traps, and Tools of the Mountain Men. New Mexico Press, 1967. $22.95

Russell, O. Journal of a Trapper. Nebraska Press, 1965. $14.95

Sachsen-Altenburg & Dyer. Duke Paul of Wuerttemberg on the Missouri Frontier. Pekitanoui Publications, 1998. $16.50

Sunder, J. Bill Sublette: Mountain Man. Oklahoma Press, 1987. $19.95

Sunder, J. Fur Trade on the Upper Missouri. Oklahoma Press, 1965. $21.95

Thompson, E. Fort Union Trading Post: Fur Trade Empire on the Upper Missouri. Fort Union Association, 2003. $9.95


Tichenor, H. The Blanket: An Illustrated history of the Hudson's Bay Point Blanket. Woolrich Inc. 2002. $22.00

Townshend & Son. Making Fire with Flint & Steel. Townshend & Son, 1996. $2.10

Utley, R. After Lewis & Clark: Mountain Men and Paths to the Pacific. Nebraska Press, 2004. $19.95

Van Kirk, S. Many Tender Ties. Oklahoma Press, 1980. $24.95

Vestal, S. Jim Bridger: Mountain Man. Nebraska Press, 1946. $16.95

Wilson, K. & Hanson, J. Feminine Fur Trade Fashions. Fur Press, 1976. $8.95

Wishart, D. Fur Trade of the American West. Nebraska Press, 1992. $21.95

Wischmann, L. Frontier Diplomats: The Life and Times of Alexander Culbertson & Natawista. Oklahoma Press, 2004. (New softcover printing) $25.95

Wilson, K. & Hanson, J. Feminine Fur Trade Fashions. Fur Press, 1976. $9.00

Witte & Gallagher (ed.). North American Journals of Prince Maximillian of Wied, Vol 1: May 1832 - April 1833. University of Oklahoma Press 2008. $85.00


Wood, R. Twilight of the Upper Missouri Fur Trade: The Journals of Henry Boller. State Historical Society of North Dakota, 2008. $21.95

Wood, W. & Thiessen, T. Early Fur Trade on the Northern Plains. Oklahoma Press, 1985. $34.00



Belitz, L. The Buffalo Hide Tipi of the Sioux. Belitz, 2006. $27.95

Belitz, L. Brain Tanning the Sioux Way. Pine Ridge Indian Res., 1993. $2.00

Bowers, A. Hidatsa Social and Ceremonial Organization. Nebraska Press, 2004. $29.95

Calloway, C. One Vast Winter Count: Native American West Before Lewis & Clark. Nebraska Press, 2003. $19.95




Catlin, G. North American Indians, Vol. I. Dover, 1973. $19.50

Catlin, G. North American Indians, Vol. II. Dover, 1973. $19.50


Denig, E. The Assiniboine. Oklahoma Press, 2000. $19.95




Denig, E. Five Indian Tribes of the Upper Missouri. Oklahoma Press, 1972. $19.95



Ewers, J. Blackfeet: Raiders of the Northwest Plains. Oklahoma Press, 1958. $24.95

Ewers, J. Indian Life on the Upper Missouri. Oklahoma Press, 1968. $21.95

Ewers, J. Plains Indian History and Culture. Oklahoma Press, 1997. (softcover) $25.95

Fox, G. Reprints in Anthro. 37: Late 19th Century Village of Dissident Hidatsa. J & L Reprint Co., 1988. Was $17.95 Now $10.00 !!

Hamm, J. Bows and Arrows of Native Americans. Bois D'Arc Press, 1989. $17.95

Hanson, J. Metal Weapons, Tools & Ornaments of the Teton Dakota Indians. Fur Press, 2001. $27.00


Hassrick, R. The Sioux. Oklahoma Press, 1964. $24.95

Hedren, P. Sitting Bull's Surrender at Fort Buford. Fort Union Association, 1997. $6.95

Holder, P. The Hoe and the Horse on the Plains. Nebraska Press, 1970. $16.95

Howard, J. Strange Empire. Minnesota Historical Society, 1952. $28.50

Hoxie, F. Parading Through History: The Making of the Crow Nation. Cambridge Press, 1995. (Hardcover) $29.95, (softcover)$24.00



Jablow, J. The Cheyenne in Plains Indian Trade Relations, 1795-1840. Nebraska Press, 1994. $16.95

Jackson, J. The Piikani Blackfeet. Mountain Press, 2000. (softcover) $18.00

James, C. Fingerweaving Untangled. Fiber Arts, 2008. $21.95


Jennys, S. 19th Century Plains Indian Dresses. Crazy Crow, 2004. $27.00

Johnston, B. Ojibway Heritage. Nebraska Press, 1990. $12.95

Karklins, K. Trade Ornament Usage Among Native Peoples of Canada. Parks Canada, 1992. $28.95

Laubin, R. & G. The Indian Tipi: Its History, Construction, and Use. Oklahoma Press, 1989. $24.95


Long, J. Land of Nakoda. Riverbend Publishing, 2004. $19.95
REDUCED Now $14.95

Lowie, R. The Crow Indians. Nebraska Press, 1983. $18.95


Mandelbaum, D. Plains Cree. Canadian Plains Research Center, 1979. $24.00

McClintock, W. The Old North Trail. Nebraska Press, 1992. $19.95

Milloy, J. The Plains Cree. Manitoba Press, 1988. $18.00

Nester, W. The Arikira War: The First Plains Indian War, 1832. Mountain Press, 2001. (Hardcover) $29.95, SALE! $18.00

Parks, D. Myths and Traditions of the Arikira Indians. Nebraska Press, 1996. $29.95

Peers, L. Ojibway of Western Canada. Minnesota Historical Society, 1994. $18350

Peters, V. Women of the Earthlodges. Okalahoma Press, 2000. $19.95

Peterson, J. Sacred Encounters: Father DeSmet and the Indians of the Rocky Mountain West. Oklahoma Press, 1993. $24.95 Reduced! now only $15.95

Prucha, F. Indian Peace Medals. Rivilio Books, 1994. $24.95

Reid, R. Sakakawea: The Bird Woman. State Historical Society of North Dakota, 1986. $3.00

Stolzman, W. How to Take Part in Lakota Ceremony. Tipi Press, 1994. $8.50

Sullivan & Vrooman. M-E Ecci Aashi Awadi: The Knife River Indian Villages. Theodore Roosevelt Assoc., 1995. $7.50

Thybony, S. The Tipi: Portable Home of the Plains. Western National Parks Association, 2003. $4.00

Tomkins, W. Indian Sign Language. Dover Publications, 1969. $7.50

Trimble, M. Reprints in Anthro. 33: An Ethnohistorical Interp. of the Spread of Smallpox. J & L Reprint Co., 1986. Was $20.00 Now $10.00

Utley, R. Indian Frontier 1846 - 1890. New Mexico Press, 2003. $26.95

Utley, R. Sitting Bull: Life and Times of an American Patriot. Henry Holt, 2008. $18.00 (Previously published as The Lance and the Shield: The Life and Times of Sitting Bull)

Walker, J. Lakota Society. Nebraska Press, 1992. $15.95




Ambrose, S. Undaunted Courage. Simon & Schuster, 2002. (softcover) $18.00

Culbertson, T. Reprints in Anthro. 22: Journal of Expedition to Mauvaises Terres and the Upper MO. US Print. Of., 1982. Was $18.50 Now $10.00

Cutright, P. Lewis and Clark: Pioneering Naturalists. Nebraska Press, 1969. $25.95

Gillespie, M. Wild River, Wooden Boats: True Stories of Steamboating and the Missouri River. Heritage Press, 2000. $17.95

Goetzmann, W. Exploring the American West 1803-1879. National Park Service, 1982. $13.50


Goetzmann & Williams. The Atlas of North American Exploration. Oklahoma Press, 1992. $32.95



Hanson, J. Conquest of the Missouri: Life & Exploits of Capt. Grant Marsh. Stackpole, 2003. $25.00



Hunter, L. Steamboats on the Western Rivers. Dover Publishing, 1993. $27.50

Jenkinson, C. A Lewis & Clark Chapbook: Lewis & Clark in North Dakota. ND Humanities Council, 2002. $1.90

Jenkinson, C. A Vast and Open Plain: Writings of Lewis & Clark Expedition in North Dakota, 1804-1806. SHS of ND, 2003. Paper $34.95

Jones, L. (ed.) The Essential Lewis & Clark. Ecco Press, 2000. $13.95


Lavender, D. The Way to the Western Sea: Lewis & Clark Across the Continent. Nebraska Press, 2001. $24.95

Lass, W. Navigating the Missouri: Steamboating on Nature's Highway, 1819-1935. Arthur Clark, 2008. $45.00


Moulton, G. Lewis & Clark Journals; American Epic. Nebraska, 2004. Now in Paperback: $17.95
Recommended! Abridgement of the University of Nebraska edition of the journals which is considered the most complete reference work on the expedition.


Nisbet, J. Sources of the River: Tracking David Thompson Across Western North America. Sasquatch, 1994. $16.95

Ronda, J. Lewis and Clark Among the Indians: Bicentennial Edition. Nebraska Press, 2003. $18.95

Skarsten & Carricker. George Drouillard: Hunter & Interpreter of the Lewis & Clark Expedition. Nebraska, 2005. Paperback: $16.95

Thomasa, K. The Truth about Sacajawea. Grandview Publishing, 1997. $7.95




Eckberg, S. Rudolf F. Kurz at Fort Union: Artist, Clerk, Chronicler. Fort Union Association, 2002. $3.50

Hunt, D. Karl Bodmer's America. Nebraska Press & Joslyn Art Museum, 1984. (Hardcover) $150.00

Wood, Parker & Hunt. Karl Bodmer's Studio Art. Illinois Press, 2002. $47.50







DeTrobriand, P. Military Life in Dakota. Ft. Stevenson Foundation, 2005. $18.50

Frazer, R. Forts of the West. Oklahoma Press, 1972. $19.95

Goetzmann, W. Army Exploration of the American West. Texas State Historical Society, 1991. $21.95

Hedren, P. Traveler's Guide to the Great Sioux War. Montana Historical Society, New Edition. (softcover) $12.95




Innis, B. Interments at Fort Buford, 1866 to 1895. 6th Infantry Regiment, 1998. $5.50

Jenson, R. & James Hutchins. Wheel Boats on the Missouri: The Atkinson-O'Fallon Expedition. Montana Historical Society, 2001. $39.95

NEW! Kelly, C. Fort Buford: Sentinel at the Confluence Fort Union Association, 2009. $10.95


McChristian, D. Fort Laramie: MIlitary Bastion of the High Plains. Oklahoma Press, 2008. $45.00








Axline & Foley. Still Speaking Ill of the Dead: More Jerks in Montana History. Globe Pequot, 2005. $14.95

Gilmore, M. Uses of Plants. Nebraska Press, 1991. $12.95


Issenberg, A. Destruction of the Bison. Cambridge, 2001. Paperback $34.00

Knue, J. North Dakota Wildlife Viewing Guide. Falcon Press, 1992. $5.95

McHugh, T. Time of the Buffalo. Nebraska Press, 1972. $24.95

Robinson, E. History of North Dakota. North Dakota Institute, 1995. $28.00

Sample, M. Bison: Symbol of the American West. Falcon Press, 1987. $9.95

Snortland, J. (ed.) Traveler's Companion to North Dakota State Historic Sites - 2nd Edition. North Dakota Hist. Society, 2002. $12.95

Stickler, D. Prairie Wildflowers. Riverbend Publishing, 1986. $9.95

Strong, P. Beavers: Where Waters Run. North Word Press, 1997. $16.95

Trimble, D. Geologic Story of the Great Plains. TRNHA, 1993. $7.50

Van Bruggen, T. Wildflowers, Grasses, and Plants. Badlands Natural History Assoc., 1992. $10.00

Walter, D., ed.Speaking Ill of the Dead: Jerks in Montana History. Globe Pequot, 2001. $14.95







Allen, J. Jedediah Smith and the Mountain Men of the American West. Chelsea Press, 1991. Grades 6 and up(Hardcover), $14.95

Cavan, S. Lewis and Clark and the Route to the Pacific. Chelsea Press, 1991. Grades 6 and up (Hardcover) $14.95

Cobblestone. Lewis and Clark-September 1980 issue. Cobblestone Publishing. Grades 4 and up, $7.50

Cobblestone. Story of the Buffalo-August 1981 issue. Cobblestone Publishing. Grades 4 and up, $6.50

Cobblestone. Mountain Men-December 1991 issue. Cobblestone Publishing. Grades 4 and up, $6.95

Cobblestone. The Sioux-June 1992 issue. Cobblestone Publishing. Grades 4 and up, $7.50

Fifer. Going Along with Lewis and Clark. Farcountry Press, 2000. Grades 6 and up, $13.50

Goble, P. Gift of the Sacred Dog. Aladdin Paperbacks, 1987. Ages 4-8, $8.95


Hanson, J. Mountain Men Coloring Book. The Fur Press, 1997. Ages 6 and up, $5.50


Kalman, B. Life in a Plains Camp. Crabtree Publishing, 2001. Grades 4 and up, $8.95


NEW! Lassey, B. A to Z's of Fort Union: Coloring & Activity Book. BJ'S Printing, 2009. $5.00




Nelson, S. D. Gift Horse: A Lakota Story. Time Warner, 1999. Ages 4-8, $15.95

Standing Bear, L. Stories of the Sioux. Nebraska Press, 1988. Grades 3-6, $9.95



Tinling, M. Sacagewea's Son: The Life of Jean Baptiste Charbonneau. Mountain Press, 2001. Grades 4 and up, $10.00


Winner, C. Bison: Our Wild World. NorthWord Press, 2001. Grades 6 and up, $7.95