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Theme Items are items related to Fort Union, the fur trade, or Northern Plains Indians. Some of these are items that may have been found at Fort Union historically but were not trade goods. Others are items of particular interest to Fort Union and the National Park Service.

American Fur Company Flag, 35" long, each, $32.00

American Fur Company pin (flag as a hat pin), each, $3.00


"Indians Hunting Bison" by Karl Bodmer $0.45


Fort Union Trading Post $0.45


(A) Buffalo Jerky (real jerked buffalo meat), per 1 oz package, $2.60

(B) Jaw Harp, One of the most popular musical instruments on the frontier. each, $7.00

(C) Bead Card; replica of the sample cards provided by the bead companies and used by the American Fur Company. each, $2.00

(D) Medicine Bag Kit; all the supplies needed to assemble a medicine bag. Finished size apx 2" x 2 1/2". Genuine leather, each, $4.75


Plumstone Games - Plains Indian hand games $3.00


Snuff bottle; hand blown dark olive green glass with period label, each slightly different. empty, each, $15.00



Frontier Scout Newspaper, Stories of Fort Union and reprints of original 1860's articles. each, $1.00



Fort Union Trading Post T-shirt (tan shirt with Fort Union logo on front), all sizes, small to XXL, $14.95



Fort Union Bastion T-shirt (Grey shirt with drawing of bastion and "Ft Union / American Fur Company"), all sizes, small to XXL, $14.95




Denim Shirt (Long sleeve denim button down with Fort Union logo over left breast pocket), all sizes, $39.95


Jefferson Peace Medals; US Mint reproductions of the peace medals taken by Lewis and Clark on their expedition.

Small, 1 1/4" diameter, US Mint sealed, each, $5.50

Peace Medal; Privately minted, silver finish, 2 1/2 " diameter, similar to above. $26.00


Quill Earrings; teardrop shape, various colors of naturally dyed porcupine quill, made by local American Indian artist. $25.00

Sweet Grass, per braid, $6.50

Fur Trade Symposium 2000 Book Bag, each, Sale price $7.95

National Park Service Map & Guide, each, $1.60